The "Funk Wire" is a choir for everyone who enjoys a good sing – even if they can't. So, if you were ever told you were ‘tonedeaf’ or thrown out of a school choir – then come and join us. We sing like no one is listening, for the pure enjoyment of it. No musical ability is required!

We meet every fortnight on Thursday afternoons in the Village Hall in Arncliffe from 2pm to 4pm.

The upcoming dates are as follows:

April 26th as expected

3rd May a revised date to accommodate the Dr Annie Gray event at Parceval Hall

24th May as expected

7th June as expected

14th June a revised date to accommodate holidays

5th July 2pm until 5pm to rehearse for WI

TUESDAY 10th July 7.30pm Kettlewell WI event

19th July as expected

2nd August 1pm summer lunch

For further information Tel: 01756 770051 or 01756 770350