Shakespeare from Page to Stage

The next session – imaginatively titled From Page to Stage 2 – is on Wednesday 26th September 2018 in The Octagon Grassington at 7.30 pm. Please contact Ron Norman by phone (01756 770350) if you intend to come along.

If you missed the first session, don’t worry! The idea behind these Page to Stage sessions is that we think about the processes of understanding and active interpretation involved in bringing Shakespeare’s words to life…….


From Stage to Screen @ The Octagon

Following UWALS’s successful collaboration last year, we will once again be working with Grassington Town Hall to mount a season of screenings of productions from the Globe, all preceded by interactive Preview Workshops introducing and exploring each play. All events take place in The Octagon, the workshops start at 7.30pm (£3.50, £2.50 UWALS members – sorry, we’ve had to put up prices to cover room costs ) and the screenings start at 7.00pm (tickets £12.50)


The Comedy of Errors. Workshop 7.30pm Wednesday September 12th 2018, Screening 7.00pm Wednesday September 19th 2018

Our season opens with a delightfully vigorous production of this unfailing crowd-pleasing farce. Two pairs of identical twins, separated in a wreck and eventually re-united -  what could possibly go wrong? Suspend all disbelief for the two hours or so’s traffic of the stage and allow your ribs to be well and truly tickled by the sheer riotous absurdity of it all. Oh – and have fun spotting in this very early play those ideas and motifs which work so well that Shakespeare will recycle them in those to come.

Much Ado About Nothing Workshop 7.30pm Tuesday November 20th 2018, Screening 7.00pm  Thursday November 29th 2018.

One of Shakespeare’s most mature and enduring comedies, Much Ado nevertheless threatens to teeter towards tragedy by integrating into a romantic plot – soldiers returning from battle, unmarried maidens in need of a husband etc – motifs drawn from a much darker place: a malign outsider plotting mischief, a false allegation of infidelity, an electrifyingly catastrophic wedding scene. All’s well in the end of course……..which leads us seamlessly to…..

All’s Well That Ends Well Workshop 7.30pm Tuesday March 12th 2019, Screening 7.00pm Wednesday March 20th 2019

Although listed in the First Folio as a ‘Comedy’, All’s Well is a very different play from Much Ado, its odd mixture of fairy tale structure and cynical realism leading to its more recent categorisation as one of Shakespeare’s   so-called ‘problem’ plays. Its themes of sexual misconduct and social mobility speak directly to a contemporary audience. Will the devoted Helena succeed in securing the affections and loyalty of the deeply unlovable and unworthy Bertram? Don’t miss John Dove’s sumptuously costumed production of this infrequently performed play.


The Tempest Workshop 7.30pm Friday May 3rd 2019, Screening 7.00pm Friday May 10th 2019

‘Now does my project gather to a head’……a fitting climax for our season and arguably the highlight of our Globe programme is this scintillating production of Shakespeare’s last solely-authored play . The all-powerful Prospero has brooded for years on his island (along with his daughter Miranda, spirit-servant Ariel and native islander Caliban) on the events which had cast him into exile. Now he has his former enemies within his grasp, will his ‘project’ produce revenge…. or redemption? Don’t miss this emotionally gripping performance, with Roger Allam as a hugely engaging and critically-acclaimed Prospero.


Our Shakespeare Project is formed of a group of people wishing to develop their interests in Shakespeare - down-to-earth 'Broadsides' style -  through reading, discussion, workshops and potentially performance.  So if you might be interested in being part of such a group – or know anyone, young or old, who might be -  please get in touch via No prior experience needed! And in typical UWALS style - All very welcome!