UWALS   -   FUNK WIZZ  No. 6 - thanks to Andrea Thompson

Back to Basics


1.     Find the total of the following numbers:- 7608, 37, 9, 456.

2.     Divide the difference between 8410 and 247 by 9.

3.     From the sum of £8 14s 9d and £5 9s 8d take £11 13s 7d.

4.     Divide 7st 9lb 8oz by 4.

5.     Add the following:- 2yds 1ft 8ins, 5yds 4ins and 3yds 2ft 2ins.

6.     How far will a car travel in 22 minutes if its speed is 30 miles per hour?

7.     If 20 articles cost £1 15s 0d, what is the cost of 3 articles?

8.     Find the value of 3 and 2/3 minus 2 and 3/4 plus 1 and 5/6

9.     In the afternoon a school starts at 1.30pm and closes at 3.50pm. If 130 minutes are spent on lessons, what is the length of playtime?

10.  A milkman delivers milk daily to 33 houses. Twenty houses each receive 1 ½ pints per day and the remainder each receive 2 pints per day. How many gallons are delivered in one week?

11.  A lorry weighs 2 tons 15 cwt. when empty. It is loaded with bags of potatoes each weighing 2 stones. How many bags of potatoes are on the lorry if the total weight of the lorry and potatoes is 4 tons 5cwt?

12.  A furniture salesman was paid £8 10s 0d a week plus 9d for every £1 of furniture he sold. In one week he sold 17 chairs at £5 17s 6d each, 5 tables at £12 5s 6d each and 3 kitchen cabinets at £13 11s 8d each. What was his total wage for that week?

13.  A cyclist leaves home at 2.30pm and cycles for ¾ hr at 16 mph. He rests for 20 minutes and then continues his journey. He arrives at his destination at 4.15pm and has travelled a total distance of 20 miles. What is his speed for the second part of the journey?

14.  A rectangular lawn 5yd 1ft wide has an area of 80 square yards. A concrete path surrounds the lawn and is 1ft 6ins wide on the shorter sides and 2ft 6ins wide on the longer sides. Find the cost of laying the concrete path at 12s 6d per square yard.


General intelligence

1.     My best friend is tall and dark. I am nine and he is ten. He is one of these four boys below. Read the following sentences and write down my best friend’s name.   Harry is younger than me. He is short and dark. Dick is ten. He is a tall boy with fair hair. Tom has dark hair. He is older than me and is a tall boy. Frank is a tall boy with dark hair. He is nine.                                 

2.     Cross out clearly what is not needed in this silly sentence, so that it can be read correctly. Do not cross out too much and do not add anything. Until you are often told to let go your end of the missing rope, hold it firmly in the left with hand.

3.     Mr A, Mr B Mr C and Mr D are four season ticket holders travelling by the same train. Mr A’s ticket allows him to get out at either Brasted, Westerham or Dunton Green; Mr B’s ticket is for Knockholt or Dunton Green; Mrs C’s is for Dunton Green or Sevenoaks; Mr D’s is for Brasted or Knockholt. No one gets out at either Sevenoaks or Westerham and only one person at Knockholt and one at Dunton Green.

a.     At what station does Mr A get out? b. At what station does Mr B get out? c. At what station does Mr C get out? d. At what station does Mr D get out?


4.     Look at these particulars:

9 years old                           Jim                  Eric

10 years old                          Susan                  Tom

11 years old                           Peter                  Carol                  Molly

Fair                                       Susan                  Molly                  Peter

Tall                                        Eric                  David                  Tom

No siblings                           Molly                  Peter                  David

Good at English                   Susan                  Eric                  Molly

Good at Arithmetic              David                  Tom                  Peter

Now write:

a.     The name of the boy who is a twin, tall and will be eleven next year. He is good at arithmetic.

b.     The name of the fair girl who is eleven years old. She is an only child and is good at English.

c.     The name of the boy who is tall and good at arithmetic. He is a year younger than his sister Susan.


General English

1.     Select one adjective from the list to complete each sentence:

Polite, sarcastic, ravenous, modest, ungrateful.

a.     A successful person who does not boast is …

b.     Someone who makes unkind and cutting remarks is …

c.     Someone who does not bother to thank you for helping him is …

d.     A boy who raises his hat to ladies is …

e.     Someone who is very hungry indeed is …


2.     Fill in the relative pronoun in the following sentences:

a.     That is the coat …… my brother took away.

b.     The man to ..….I spoke was very disagreeable.

c.     The boy ..…. ball I kicked was offended.

d.     The man …… does his duty is always brave.

e.     He asked me ..…. I intended to do


3.     All the following sentences have mistake sin them. Rewrite the sentences correctly:

a.     Jim and me seen him do it.

b.     None of my books are very exciting.

c.     He has dropped the plate and broke it.

d.     Me and Mary done our homework together.

e.      Where are them people going?


4.     From what nouns are these verbs formed:

a.     fly

b.     sing

c.     give

d.     think

e.     bear


5.     These words express movement – galloped, trudged, crawled, raced, trotted        

Arrange them according to speed, beginning with the slowest.

6.    These words express sound – rumbled, whispered, boomed, murmured,           thundered  Arrange them in order beginning with the weakest sound.

7. Complete the following by giving words expressing sound and ending in ‘ing’.

a. the …. of leaves.

b. the …. Of anvils

c. the …. Of brakes.

d. the …. Of stairs.

8. Give the feminine of each of the following: brother; nephew, monk, wizard,   gander, merman, waiter, hero, fox, cousin.

9. Rewrite the following passage, putting in the necessary punctuation marks and      capital letters:

how will you know your uncles house mary asked me as far as i remember i replied its a white green tiled house i believe a house called the willows is next door

 10. Blew and blue have the same sound, but are different in meaning. For each word below write another which has the same sound:

reads; might; fourth; serf; mail; wears; mussel; waist.




UWALS   -   FUNK WIZZ  No. 5 - thanks to Brenda McLoughlin

 Leaders of the World

1. Which Roman Emperor allegedly saw leadership potential in his horse?

2. Which king was whipped because knights listened to him complaining about a former friend?

3. Pace ABBA, who did not surrender where?

4. Which two American former Presidents died on the same day?

5. Which Emperor was famously portrayed as victorious by Titian?

6. The Suez Canal was described as going through whose Drawing Room?

7. In the play, then film, Arsenic and Old Lace, which American President is reputedly digging

locks for the Panama Canal in the cellar?

8. Give the three years in which there were three English monarchs?

9. Which English king turns up in Macbeth?

10. Who is the latest English king to be brought onto the stage by Shakespeare?

11. Under which ruler was the Second Reich launched in 1871?

12. Which two British Prime Ministers lost three general elections in the twentieth century?

13. Who wrote about a ‘modern Major General,’ and in what?

14. Which French king failed on two crusades?

15. Who conquered Delhi in the eighteenth century and took the Peacock Throne?

16. Who invented a Doctors’ Plot against himself?

17. Who said “No man is good enough to govern another man without that other’s consent?”

18. Which leader ended apartheid and when?

19. Which Australian Prime Minister went for a swim and never came back?

20. Which painter of shadows was a killer?




No.  4 - thanks to Mike Stephenson

    1.  Which Bronte wrote the novels listed below - Anne, Emily, or Charlotte? 

a.    Shirley                                                                                                                                                                                                                              b.     Villette                                                        

c.     Agnus Grey                                                 

d.     Wuthering Heights                                      

e.     The Professor                                               

f.      The Tenant of Wildfell Hall                        

g.     Jane Eyre                                                                                                                                                                                                      

    2.   Two catastrophic events hit London in 1665 and 1666.  What were these events.?

    3.  What year did the National Health Service come into being?

    4.   In 1993 a two-year old boy was abducted and murdered in Liverpool by two ten-year

         olds. What was the murdered boy's name.?

    5.   Who wrote the novel:  The Return of the Native?

    6.   Which is the smallest county in England?  There are two answers to this – either will do   

           Pat on the back if you can get both answers.

    7.  In which sport do players slide stones on ice – and use brooms?

    8.  In 2000 Britain's new national arts museum was opened in London. What is the

         museum called?

    9.  Caesar was assassinated in 44BC; he was succeeded as Emperor by the mad Caligula.

          Who became Emperor after Caligula?

  10.  What relation to me is my brother's son's sister?

  11.  Mass protests took place in Manchester in 1819; eleven people were killed; hundreds

         were injured.  What name is used to commemorate this event?

  12.  On the Origin of the Species by Means of Natural Selection was published in 1859 - who wrote this?

  13.  Who is the present Poet Laureate?

  14.  There are 282 (revised in 2012) mountains in Scotland over 3000 feet (914.4m).

          What are these called?

  15.   The highest of these mountains is Ben Nevis. What height is Ben Nevis?  (OK, to the

           nearest 200 feet then!)

  16.    Who is third in line to the throne?

  17.   Jack Straw was a poll tax protestor. No, not that Jack Straw! The one who in 1381  

          rebelled with Wat Tyler. What was this rebellion called?

  18.  17 divided by 2 x 4 - 14 x 2 - 17 divided by 2 = ?  Please calculate in the order   

          presented in spite of any mathematical scruples you may have!

   19.  1135 to 1154 was a period of anarchy and misery for England.  When Henry I died in

           1135, his daughter should have ascended the throne but Henry's nephew seized               

           power.  Who were these two protagonists?

    20.  Who wrote the best-selling book:  God is not Great?

    21.  Which political and social movement in the 20th Century had the motto: “Deeds not


    22.  Jane Austen died in 1817 before she could complete her last novel. Nevertheless, it  

           was published in 1925. What is it called?

    23.  What Army rank is one above a Captain?

    24.  Jessica Ennis won Gold in the Heptathlon at the London Olympics in 2012; she had

           to compete in seven events (track and field). What were these events?

    25.  These are the players; what is the team? Banks, Cohen, Charlton, Moore, Wilson,  

           Stiles, Ball, Charlton B, Bell, Hurst, Hunt.

    26.  The last question was easy. Here's another easy one: who was the manager of this   


    27.  Name the Royal House that followed the Tudors?

    28.  Which English novel was subject to an unsuccessful prosecution for obscenity in 1960? 

    29.  The 1876 Shipping Act ordered a line to be painted on cargo ships to show the limit to

           which they could be loaded.  What is this line called?

    30.  Which King was defeated at the Battle of Bosworth in 1483?

    31.  Who ascended the throne as a result of the above battle?

    32.  The British and Irish Governments signed an agreement in 1998. What is the

           agreement called?

    33.  Which famous poet was employed as Librarian at Hull University?

    34.   At the Easter Rising in 1916 the Irish Nationalists seized a key public building

           in Dublin.  What was this building?

   35.   In one of Shakespeare's plays, the Capulets and the Montagues are at loggerheads to put it mildly.

          What is the play called.?

    36.   Which TV quiz gives you a starter for 10?

    37.    His main prose work is The Marriage of Heaven and Hell; he also wrote the poems:

             The Tiger and The Little Black Boy.  Who is he.?

    38.    How many players in a Netball team?

    39.    What is the date of The Queen's actual birthday? (not the official birthday).

    40.    What was the original name of Francis Drake’s flagship The Golden Hind before he renamed it in




Funk Wizz No.3 - thanks to Trish Linton

Name the landmark and the town or city. The first letter of the town or city should form the alphabet.

EG. Taj Mahal - Agra A. Then B, C etc


UWALS Quiz number 3 page 2.jpegUWALS Quiz number 3 page 3.jpegUWALS Quiz number 3 page 4.jpeg




 Funk Wizz No.2 - thanks to Sara Cooper and Rebecca Ward Dooley

1.     Who was the heroine in Thomas Hardy’s classic ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’?

2.     John Ruskin designed a school and chapel in the Yorkshire Dales. Where is it?

3.     What was the pen name for the famous Victorian novelist Mary Ann Evans?

4.     David Hockney’s famous 1970 painting is entitled “Mr and Mrs Clark and x”. What is the name of x?

5.     Name the pen names of Charlotte, Anne and Emily Bronte.

6.     What 60’s pop group hung out with Andy Warhol, had a drummer called Mo Tucker, and a Welshman on keyboards?

7.     What is the name of the third and last award-winning book in the Hilary Mantel trilogy?

8.     What was the name of the protagonist in Charles Kingsley's “Water Babies”?

9.     Which famous poet was married to the author of Frankenstein?

10.   Which Yorkshire city was JB Priestley born in, and for an extra bonus point, in which part of that city?

11.   The Hepworth Gallery is situated in Wakefield, but where is the artist's studio which can still be visited?

12.   Whose best-selling memoir was entitled "All Points North"?

13.   Frida Kahlo was married to another painter. What was his name?

14.   Who played the female lead role in the 2015 film adaptation of Alan Bennett's “The Lady in the Van”?

15.   Which famous politician said, "Politics is not a game, but a serious business."

16.   Name these firsts:

·       First female speaker of the House of Commons

·       First female MP

·       First female leader of a political party in the UK

·       First female poet laureate in the UK

·       First female Turner Prize winner?

17.   During the second world war, the wife of a famous author managed to get three bananas for their children. When she brought the fruit home, the author sat down in front of the children, peeled the bananas, poured on cream and sugar, and ate them all. Who was the author?

18.   Who wrote “The Colour Purple”?

19.   From which dystopian novel, did these words come from: "Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted."

20.   Whose diaries were recently dramatised in ‘Gentleman Jack’?

21.   Who composed “4’ 33””?

22.   Ada Lovelace, English mathematician and writer in the mid-1800s had a famous father; who was he?

23.   The Beatles sang about Turdus Merula. What was the song called?

24.   We have our very own "prehistoric" monument and stone circle in North Yorkshire: a folly, just 200 years old, near Ripon. What is it called?

25.   What was the name of the book that inspired the film “Kes”? Extra point for author. 

26.   What was the fictional name given to James Herriot’s wife in the series of books and TV dramatisation? Extra point for her name in real life. 

27.   Who was the Artistic Director for the London Olympics in 2012? 

28.   Zaha Hadid? Author, architect, artist, anthropologist or actor?

29.   What is the name of ceramist Grayson Perry’s alter ego?

30.   This author devised “Room at the Top” whilst convalescing from TB near Grassington. What was his name?

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