The Shakespeare Project

The screening of Anthony and Cleopatra scheduled for May 14th is also cancelled, along with the May 7th workshop.  It is hoped to include the play in next year’s programme.Shakespeare.png

Our Shakespeare Project is formed of a group of people wishing to develop their interests in Shakespeare - down-to-earth 'Broadsides' style - through reading, discussion, workshops and, potentially, performance. So if you might be interested in being part of such a group – or know anyone, young or old, who might be - please get in touch via No prior experience needed! And in typical UWALS style - All very welcome!

News and a new projects 2020

Shakespeare Project. 2020 will see more active workshop sessions designed to bring Shakespeare to life.  In addition, following UWALS’s successful collaboration last year, we will be working with Grassington Town Hall to mount a season of screenings of Globe productions, preceded by interactive Preview Workshops introducing and exploring each play. Anyone interested in learning more, email – All very welcome!

Wednesday 12th February. 7pm The Octagon.
A screening of Othello from The Globe Theatre, London.  This will be preceded on Wednesday 5th February 7.30pm at the Octagon, by an active, fun workshop on the play led by Ron Norman.  The workshop aims to explore the characters, plot and themes of the play and so enhance participants’ enjoyment of the screening. Everyone welcome!

Past Events in 2019 

Soon we hope to be able to announce details of the 2019-20 programme of Shakespeare screenings and workshops at The Octagon – but meanwhile here’s some information about the DIY Shakespeare sessions we’re running in August 2019.

The idea is to have two sessions - a week apart- on Wednesday August 7th and 14th 2019 with a 7.30pm start. In the first we’d do various exercises using bits of text from different plays before working all together on a piece which we’d start to ‘put on its feet’ as best as we were able. The aim here is to establish some ways of working with Shakespeare’s text in ‘rehearsal’ and to build confidence! Then at the end of the session, we’d briefly preview some additional (short!) pieces, both monologues and duologues, and you’d take one of these away………with the aim of trying to do a bit of learning / thinking about them before we meet again the following week.

In the second session we will be working on our chosen/allocated pieces, aiming to bring them to life – using props, bits of costumes, even sound/music if necessary – but no scripts! I’d give as much help as possible to everybody…… At the end of the session, we’d be ‘sharing’ with each other our first ‘hands-free’ mini-performance over a couple of glasses of something seasonally fizzy ……..

Hope you’ll be tempted to have a go – £5 (£6 non-UWALS members) gets you into both sessions and includes a glass of fizz at the end of the second. Just email or ring (01756 770350) to confirm your place.

From Stage to Screen @ The Octagon 2019

Following UWALS’s successful collaboration last year, we will once again be working with Grassington Town Hall to mount a season of screenings of productions from the Globe, all preceded by interactive Preview Workshops introducing and exploring each play. All events take place in The Octagon, the workshops start at 7.30pm (£3.50, £2.50 UWALS members – sorry, we’ve had to put up prices to cover room costs ) and the screenings start at 7.00pm (tickets £12.50)

The Tempest Workshop 7.30pm Friday May 3rd 2019, Screening 7.00pm Friday May 10th 2019

‘Now does my project gather to a head’……a fitting climax for our season and arguably the highlight of our Globe programme is this scintillating production of Shakespeare’s last solely-authored play . The all-powerful Prospero has brooded for years on his island (along with his daughter Miranda, spirit-servant Ariel and native islander Caliban) on the events which had cast him into exile. Now he has his former enemies within his grasp, will his ‘project’ produce revenge…. or redemption? Don’t miss this emotionally gripping performance, with Roger Allam as a hugely engaging and critically-acclaimed Prospero.





We are pleased to announce

Present in the Past

uwals book1.jpg

This collection of writings and accompanying photographs, Present in the Past, captures all that is Upper Wharfedale: its people, its history, its customs and, above all, its wonderful landscape.  You can buy it for just £10 by emailing or phoning 01756 770051/770350.  We can arrange delivery or post copies on.

Ron Norman has produced an exciting new YouTube video for you to watch which will let you know how this piece of work has developed over the last few months. 



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